Judson ISD

National Police Officers Week: Honor Our Blue

The Judson ISD Police Department is a group that provides an essential element to effective learning...safety.  Chief Teresa Ramon and her staff of officers are always looking at ways to make our campuses safer and more secure for students, staff, and parents.  National Police Officers Week (May 12-18) is a time to recognize the service they provide to our district and appreciate their constant efforts to improve what they do. They make sacrifices on a daily basis for all of us and it should not be taken for granted. While you're at it, when you are out and about at restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, or where ever you may be, if you see a police officer outside a campus, I'm sure they would appreciate a thank you, even if they don't know you. 


Hondo Harrelson

Thank You for doing an awesome Job, JISD LEO's !

Carolotta A-M Forester-Langford

Thank you ALL for the sacrifices you make each day for protecting us and keeping our children safe. A special thanks to the JHS police for you extra hard work that I witness each day. You are the best!

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