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Kitty Hawk Hosts Workshop For Student Planning

Author and Speaker Mychal Wynn talks a lot about the importance about identifying one's gifts, talents and passions...he calls it developing your "hook."  That "hook" is how each student maps out their pathway to college and/or their career.  It takes some self examination and thought, but, hey...it's your future, right?  He emphasized that at Kitty Hawk Middle School recently speaking to 8th grade students about turning those abilities and passions into a doorway to successfully paying for all or part of their college expenses or finding a high paying career that they can jump into right away.  We appreciate Mr. Wynn calling these students attention to thinking, comtemplating and planning their future now.




Aric Bostick

Great job Sylvia! It is so AWESOME that you bring in speakers to share their stories and wisdom to the students of JISD! You are helping so many students awaken to what is possible in if they pursue their goals and make good choices! Keep it up!

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