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Board Recognitions 11-15-18

Pledge leader is Lavell Peete. Lavell is a Copperfield House Leader, an A/B Honor Roll student and enjoys staying active playing football.  Lavelle is an excellent communicator and speaker and is always willing to step up when needed. He frequently seeks the opportunity to assist others.


Our first recognition comes from Judson High School. The Judson High School Theater Department has become a real force in the forensic competitions around the region and the state. That takes talent and quality coaching from their instructor. At the recent National Forensics Tournament at Reagan High School, the team took home 8 National Invitational Tournament of Champions bids and four state qualifiers. The group also won the overall national tournament taking 1st place...that's SWEEPSTAKES!!  We want to congratulate these students for this accomplishment.
Joshuah Mayo -1st place Duo Finalist w/National Bid, 4th place Poetry Finalist, State Qualifier
Nathaniel Cullors -1st place Poetry Finalist, 1st place Duo Finalist w/National Bid, 2nd place Duet Finalist w/National Bid, State Qualifier
Autumn Johnson - 2nd place Duet Acting w/National Bid, 2nd in Varsity Poetry, State Qualifier
Brooklyn Ellis - 3rd place Duet Acting w/National Bid, 
Llailan Bennett - 3rd place Duet Acting w/National Bid, 
Molly Tilton - 3rd Novice Poetry
Sarah Eckenroth - 3rd in Dramatic Interp w/National Bid, 4th in Program oral interpretation w/National Bid, 5th varsity prose
Julianne Chapa - 5th place Novice Poetry 
Amethyst Garcia -1st place Novice Prose 
Amanda Perez - 4th place Duo 
Amara Mack - 4th place Duo 
Serenity Gonzalez - 3rd place Novice Prose 
Nevaeh Kelley - 6th in Varsity Prose
Analisa Valdez - 6th place Varsity Poetry 
Briana Newson - Dramatic interpretation
Miranda Perez - Novice Prose
Madison Malone - Duet Acting
Leila Ahmed - Novice Prose
Sierra Petty - Varsity Prose
Megan Stuckey - Varsity Prose
Jordan Mireles - Novice Prose
Amanda Canchani - Dramatic interpretation
Jaden Cervera - Duet Acting
Congratulations also go out to Theater Director Larry Bailey! 

Our second recognition comes from the JISD Energy Management Department.  For the 6th year, this department participated in the CPS Energy Demand Response program this past summer from June through September. This effort by CPS Energy works with its commercial customers to reduce energy usage during those months when pressure on the power grid is at its peak.  In return, those customers who participate get paid back for their efforts.  This year 25 JISD campuses were involved in the program reducing our consumption by an average of more than 4,000 kilowatts. As a result, Joe Jones with CPS Energy is here to present David Oehler Manager of the Energy Management Department a check of $280,973.00. 


Stephen Mata and Chloe Bayani were able to attend the meeting for the recognition

Our next recognition is from our comprehensive high schools.  Advanced Placement classes as you likely know are classes where the curriculum used is much more challenging than what is typically taught in any given subject area. The College Board AP Scholar awards are a way of recognizing students that are thriving in classes in which the rigor is dialed up.  128 students also received $100 cash awards from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) for their passing scores on AP Math, Science and English exams.  NMSI supports our AP program with teacher training and student study sessions.  Overall Judson ISD saw an increase of passing scores in all subject areas at all our high schools.  The AP Scholars are:

Judson High School

Nathaniel Almaguer, Chloe Bayani, Diego De La Cerda, Alejandra Gonzalez, Alex Gutierrez, Mykayla Jones, James Le, Megan Lehmann, Stephen Mata, Kenneth Matty-Walters, Alexa Milstein, Kush Patel, Stephanie Patterson, Nicholas Reyna, Viviana Soto, Maya Taylor, Cameron White

AP Scholar With Honor - Nadieska Oviedo

Wagner High School

Jessica Brown, Justin Furber, Caleb Galloway, Marlowe Johnson, Kayleigh Larsen, Bryan Lopez-Marmolejo, Edgar Meza, Tomas Rico, Rebeca Rivas-Retana, Mario Trevino, Jasmine Whelan, Juan Zarate 

AP Scholars With Honor - Amy Garcia, Austin Aurelio, and Marvin Valenzuela

Veterans Memorial High School

Alexis Henson


Congratulations and best wishes to Ms. Elida Bera who was chosen as the Lone Finalist for Superintendent of Kingsville ISD. Ms. Bera has been with Judson for 10 years. We wish her the best as she takes on this new chapter in her life and career.

At the end of this board meeting, Dr. Melinda Salinas officially tendered her resignation as the Board President and as a trustee. She informed the board that she will be moving outside the district boundaries and board policy precludes anyone from holding a position on the board without being a resident of the district. She was recognized for her service to the district as an employee and later as a  trustee.  For now, the board will leave the position vacant until the next election in May. 


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