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Get a short summary document covering what happened at a particular meeting. We will post a "Board Brief" after each meeting and list them here.

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The School Board welcomes comments, input or suggestions from the public. Communicate your feedback with the Board by emailing comments to or by contacting your Representative.

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First Readings will be at the August 8 School Board Meeting:

Second Reading will be at the August 8 School Board Meeting:

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Employee Communication With School Board Members

According to Texas Education Code 11.1513:

(j) The employment policy may not restrict the ability of a school district employee to communicate directly with a member of the board of trustees regarding a matter relating to the operation of the district, except that the policy may prohibit ex parte communication relating to: (1) A hearing under Subchapter E or F, Chapter 21; and (2) Another appeal or hearing in which ex parte communication would be inappropriate pending a final decision by a school district board of trustees.