Judson ISD

Parent Center Information

What Is Parent Center?

Parent Center is aimed at keeping you informed and involved in the everyday activities of your student. Our goal is to make life easier for you by bringing information together into one location in a user-friendly format.

Features included are a dashboard (offering campus and general student information), student attendance, student grades and assignments, student library books, triggers and account management among others.

How do I Register for an Account?

Step 1 - Go to Parent Center

Go to Parent Center Registration Form.
(This form can also be found using the "Register for a new parent account" link underneath the "Process Login" button on the Parent Center Login screen.)

Step 2 - Fill out Form

Fill out the form and click the "Register" button at the bottom of the form.

Step 3 - Confirm your Email

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. Use the link in the email to be taken to Parent Center where a welcome screen congratulates you on your successful registration.

Step 4 - Add Student(s)

After logging in, enter the necessary information in the "Add Student" section to request access to your student(s).

Please Note: If you do not confirm your account within 15 days, or do not add students to your account within 30 days of confirmation, your account will be DELETED.

What can I see in Parent Center?

My Dashboard

Features a quick grade and attendance summary, meal balance, campus calendar, campus contact info, JISD news, and many useful links.


In-depth look at attendance and tardies for your student, attendance alerts, and links to district attendance policies.


Displays grade averages by course/subject with the ability to view details of each assignment grade, email teachers, and set grade alerts.


Displays currently checked out library books, overdue books, fines, history of previously checked out books, alerts for overdue books, and librarian contact information.


Displays detailed discipline reports regarding student behavior, and links to JISD policy, state codes, and student handbooks.


Displays immunization records for your student, detailed instructions for required medications needs, and school nurse contact information.


Shows meal account balances, add funds to your student's meal account, view the past 30 days worth of meals purchased, alerts for meal balance.


Displays bus schedules for pick-up and drop-off, with locations, times, maps, and more.


The ability to manage email alerts for attendance, tardies, assignment grades, course grade averages, meal account balances, and overdue library books.

My Account

Displays account information, login history, and offers the ability to add students, change your password, and edit personal information.