Judson ISD

Federal Programs and Grants

The Federal Programs & Grants Department serves to review and research literature / creditable resources dealing with funds available through grants from federal and state agencies and private entities.The purpose is to ensure all JISD expenditures comply, and are in accordance with the fiscal and federal requirements. All applications for grants, federal and state entitlements, and allocation opportunities relevant to the needs of JISD are reviewed, monitored, and evaluated. Campus allocations for Title Programs are determined following state and federal regulations. Justifications for district and campus expenditures using federal funds are reviewed/approved by this department.

Focused, Productive, Goal-Oriented.


Vision Statement:

Supporting Excellence!

Mission Statement:

The mission of Federal Programs and Grants department is to support district-wide efforts to close the achievement gaps affecting students whose educational opportunities are limited by low-performing schools, to increase involvement among parents and other stakeholders, to support high-quality and comprehensive educational programs for migrant children in order to help reduce the educational barriers and other education related problems that result from frequent moves, and to ensure ALL Judson ISD students are well-served and No Student is Left Behind.

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