Judson ISD

Vendor Information

Approval Required

Judson ISD procures items through firms listed on the District's Approved Vendor List. An approved vendor is a company which has been awarded through a bid/proposal issued by the District or another entity that the District has an agreement with.

Getting Approved

One of the most common questions that our office receives is, "How can my company be added to the approved vendor list?" Here are some answers to that question:

  • Judson ISD is also eligible to procure goods and services through State of Texas contracting programs such as Texas State Term Contracting, Texas Multiple Award Schedules (TXMAS), and Department of Information Resources (DIR).

Award through any of these methods does not automatically place a company on the Judson ISD approved vendor list. Actual placement is at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing based on the needs and the interests of the District.

Business Seminars

The JISD Purchasing Department regularly conducts seminars designed to inform and educate Vendors. All interested firms are invited to attend. Reservations are required. The business seminar "How to Do Business with Judson ISD" is designed to help Vendors better understand how to sell their goods and services to the District. Dates and times about this opportunity can be found at Vendor Seminar Reservation

Sole Source Vendors

If your company provides sole source items, Judson ISD is able to purchase goods and services from your company without being added to the Approved Vendor List. However, the Purchasing Department requires that an item-specific Sole Source Affidavit including notarization be attached to each purchase request submitted to our office.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Judson Independent School District.