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STAAR logoFor years, students have been taking assessment tests to determine whether they have mastered the material and concepts required for their current grade or course. Beginning in 2011–2012, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, (STAAR) became the assessment program for for Texas.

STAAR is more rigorous than previous assessments and is designed to measure whether students are on a path to college and meaningful careers. In general, questions on the exams will have multiple steps and will require higher–level thinking. Students will also have a time limit to complete the tests.


STAAR Exams for Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Grade 3 Mathematics and Reading
  • Grade 4 Mathematics, Reading and Writing
  • Grade 5 Mathematics, Reading, and Science
  • Grade 6 Mathematics and Reading
  • Grade 7 Mathematics, Reading, Writing
  • Grade 8 Mathematics, Reading, Social Studies, and Science

STAAR End-of-Course Assessments for High School Students

English I

English II


Algebra I

U.S. History

How will student performance be reported?

After taking a STAAR exam, a student will receive one of three scores:

  • Advanced Academic Performance
  • Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Performance

Does my child need to pass STAAR to be promoted to the next grade level?

STAAR will serve as a promotion standard for certain grades and certain subjects.

Does my child need to pass STAAR to graduate from high school?

Beginning 2011-2012, students entering ninth grade must pass STAAR end-of-course exams to graduate from high school. Students who first entered ninth grade prior to 2011-2012 are required to pass the exit-level TAKS tests to graduate.