Judson ISD

Transfers Inside the District


These questions and answers give information regarding the limitations to and the procedure for students transferring to another school within the district.

Where do I get a request form for an intradistrict transfer?

You may pick up a request form at your child's school or the school in your attendance area.

Where do I turn in my request form after I have completed it?

Turn the form in to your child's campus or the campus in your attendance area.

When can I apply for a transfer?

Intradistrict transfer requests may be applied for anytime during the school year. Requests for the next school year can only be made after May 1st of the current school year.

May I apply for any campus?

Yes, however, transfer requests to capped campuses will be denied. If an intradistrict transfer request is denied, you may request another campus.


If I am already on an intradistrict transfer, do I need to fill out a request form each school year?

Yes, you must complete a transfer request form each year for the campus of your choice.

Can the campus keep an instradistrict transfer request from being approved?

Yes, a transfer approval may be blocked by the Principal for delinquent attendance, poor grades, discipline issues, or if class sizes become overcrowded.

If I have more than one child, may I use the same request form?

No, you must fill out an intradistrict transfer request form for each child.

Can someone living outside Judson ISD boundaries request an intradistrict transfer for a school within Judson ISD?

No, a student must reside in Judson ISD in order to complete an intradistrict transfer request form.