Judson ISD

Attendance Office

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy in JISD is administered by Pupil Services as one of many focuses aimed at improving the education of all of our students. The information here may answer many of your questions. If you still need more information contact you student's local campus or Pupil Services.

Attendance Committee

The Texas Education Code 25.092 requires that the Board of Trustees appoint one or more attendance committees. These committees will hear petitions for class credit by students who are in class fewer than 90% of the days the class is offered. Classroom teachers shall comprise a majority of the membership of the committee. A committee may give class credit to a student because of extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are defined in board policy FDD and FDD (local). The size of the committee is not specified in the law but seems to require at least three (3) members. A campus may submit names for more than one attendance committee.

Placement Review Committee

Also required of each campus (37.003) is to establish a Placement Review Committee, a three-member committee to determine placement of a student when a teacher refuses the return of a student to the teacher’s class and make recommendations to the district regarding expelled students. The faculty shall choose two teachers and one alternate. The principal shall choose one member from the professional staff of the campus.