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Community Education is an organized effort to improve the quality of life in the community through education. It is a philosophy holding that education is for everyone, that education is life-long, goes on at all times, and that education happens everywhere. Anyone can attend our Community Education classes since you do not have to live in JISD to attend. Come join a class! You will enjoy the class and be enriched too. Click on the Quick Link below and the Community Education button to see a list of classes.

Directions to Adult & Community Education & Adventure Club Office

The office is located on the Judson Middle School Campus at 9695 Schaefer Rd., Converse, TX. in the B building Take the driveway by the softball diamonds and drive to the back of Building B where you will see the "Adult & Community Education" sign above our double doors. For additional information, please call 210-619-0425.

Local and Online Courses


More Info: Quick Link: Description:
JISD Local Courses https://judsonisd.revtrak.net Classroom courses taught by our instructors
ed2go http://www.ed2go.com/Judson Online courses that are either instructor led or self-paced
ed2go Career Certification Courses http://www.ed2go.com/Judson-pro Online self-paced courses in many career fields


Adventure Club After School Program

The Adventure Club is a program that includes quiet time for homework time or reading, stimulating games, character and leadership building activities, behavioral and etiquette skills, science centers, storytelling, music, art and crafts, board games physical activities like games and much, much, more.

Learn more about our Adventure Club Program

JISD Adult & Community Education / Adventure Club office is located on the Judson Middle School campus. Office located in building B. Take driveway by baseball diamonds and enter at the back of the building. Registrations can be done online at https://judsonisd.revtrak.net or in the Adventure Club office by the parent or legal guardian during the school year. Legal guardians must have copies of court orders.


2018-2019 Adventure Club Rates

Title Schools

Non-Title Schools





Millers Point

Spring Meadows


Park Village





Cornado Village

Rolling Meadows




Wortham Oaks


Registration Fee (non-refundable)
(no discounts)
September $140.00
October $140.00
November $140.00
(no discounts)
January $140.00
February $140.00
March $140.00
April $140.00
May $140.00
Registration Fee (non-refundable)
(no discounts)
September $150.00
October $150.00
November $150.00
(no discounts)
January $150.00
February $150.00
March $150.00
April $150.00
May $150.00


Community Education Course Proposal

Judson Adult & Community Education wants to offer a wide variety of enriching classes to community members. If you would like to offer a community education class, please complete the Community Education Course Proposal (PDF) and send it to dhanz@judsonisd.org. We are currently searching for a Country Western Dance Instructor and other instructors. If you have questions about offering classes, call at 210-619-0427.

Looking for Community Education Instructors & New Class Proposals

We are always looking for new courses and instructors.  If you have an idea for a course or don't see what you are looking for, you can email or fax us your proposal or suggestion by using the Community Education Course Proposal form show above.  Please contact by calling Amanda Montalvo at 210-619-0427 or email by amontalvo@judsonisd.org or Mitzy Callender at 210-619-0425 or by email to mcallender@judsonisd.org. for more information. These positions are part time and taught in the afternoons and evenings, Mondays through Fridays.

Texas Community Education Association/Foundation (TCEA)


Visit the Texas Community Education Association website at www.houseal.net/TCEA.2017.


GED and ESL Preparation Classes - Choose Your Future!

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Do you need to learn English? Morning and evening ESL classes are available during the fall, summer, and spring semesters. Both GED and ESL registration and classes are held in the Judson Educational Community Complex (formerly old Converse Elementary). Classes meet in the Annex building located at 102 School Street, Converse, TX 78109 (corner of FM 78 & FM 1516 & next to the JISD Police Station). Mandatory orientation/registration is held at the beginning each semester. You must attend the registration/orientation to be able to attend the classes. You can get a copy of the current information under "downloads".

Are you stuck in a job that won't allow you to climb the ladder of success? Get a GED and you will see how many doors will open for you. You are never too old to earn your education. Check the column to the left and download the latest schedule for mandatory class registration/orientation dates and class dates. Judson is also GED Testing Facility. For more information on our Testing Center, contact 210-619-0352.

In the preparation classes, we provide pathways to reach your goals:


  • Quality Instruction in ESL, Refresher Skills, GED, College Prep, etc.
  • Computer Skills
  • Career & College Readiness
  • Textbooks
  • In-Class Practice Tests
  • GED Testing


Students provide:


  • Dedication
  • Time in Class
  • Transportation to the Class
  • Basic School Supplies (Pen, Pencil, & Paper)


These classes are provided to you courtesy of Education Service Center - Region 20 and Judson Adult and Community Education Department.