Judson ISD

Questions and Concerns

Addressing Concerns

There are many avenues for parents and students to address issues in the Judson School District. Some of these are formal and some are informal. School district policy has procedures for dealing with personal safety, harassment and discrimination issues for staff, students and community members.

More informally, parents and students have a responsibility to address concerns as close to the issue as possible. Solutions are most readily found closest to the point of the problem.

In Judson ISD, the following model has been used to lead parents toward problem solutions in a systematic manner.

Contact the Individual

First, contact or meet with the person(s) involved. If there is a serious issue, you may wish to schedule a meeting.

Contact the Principal

If no resolution has been reached, please contact the school principal.

Contact the Supervisor

If resolution is still not reached, please contact the area administrator who supervises your particular school.

At times, parents and students are uncomfortable following the step-by-step suggestions as outlined. This would necessitate skipping a step, which is acceptable. Ultimately, those closest to the problem will be brought into the situation for finding solutions to the issue or problem.

In the Judson School District we work together to find that appropriate solution that will allow all parties involved to move forward. If tension and conflict occurs, the policy and procedures of the district will be utilized to navigate to a solution of fairness and consistency.

Supervisory Contacts

Whom to contact if attempts to resolve an issue fail at the individual and campus levels.

Parent Concerns

For parent concerns, contact:

Elida Bera

Deputy Superintendent
see Contact Directory

Discipline Related

For Discipline concerns contact:
Director of Pupil Services
see Pupil Services

Other Issues

For any uresolved issues contact:
Executive Director of Student Support Services
see Student Support Services