Judson ISD

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Judson Police Officer's real police?
Yes. All Judson ISD Police Officers are commissioned peace officers licensed by the State of Texas. They have full arrest powers and authority.

What are the requirements for a Judson Police Officer?
To become a police officer in the State of Texas, candidates must complete 576 hours of extensive training in an approved Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) academy and pass the state licensing exam. (624 hours after 2005)

This allows a candidate to be licensed as a Texas Peace Officer. Officers are required to take forty hours of TCLEOSE approved continuing education courses every two years to maintain licensure.

Licensed peace officers must possess a high school diploma or GED. Many agencies are now requiring some college hours or a degree. Judson ISD encourages its officers to continue their education and provides TCLEOSE continuing education courses to maintain their license.

Can Judson Police Officers make arrests off campus?
Yes. Judson ISD Police Officers can arrest offenders of the law both on and off campus.

Can a Judson Police Officer issue me a traffic ticket?
Yes. Judson ISD Police Officers are authorized to issue traffic citations. We have traffic units that monitor speed in school zones using radar, on or off school property.

What court do I go to if I get a ticket from an Officer?
If you receive a ticket from a Judson Officer, you will be required to appear in the appropriate Justice of the Peace Court. (Pct. #3 or Pct. #4)

What happens if I don't pay my ticket?
If you do not appear in court or pay your fine, a warrant for your arrest may be issued by the court.

How do I report an incident to the Judson Police Department?
To report an incident occurring on school property or involving students, call the Judson ISD Police Dispatcher at (210) 659-9789, 24 hours a day. Be prepared to give as much of the following information as possible:

  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Did any injuries occur?
  • Were any weapons involved?
  • A description of the suspect's.
  • A description the vehicles involved (if any)
  • Are the suspects still at the scene?
  • Direction the suspects fled.

Stay on the line until the dispatcher ends the call. An Officer will be dispatched to the location immediately.