Judson ISD



The philosophy of the Judson Independent School Districts Operations Division is to provide quality service and experience to the students, staff and community members who utilize the school district facilities. Our aim is to meet those needs by maintaining and meeting the standards for all buildings, grounds, athletic programs, energy management, food service, and transportation areas. It is our hope that our Judson ISD students, parents, staff, and community members are in a safe and positive learning environment.

Objectives of the Operations Departments are to:

  • Preserve facility operations, equipment and grounds
  • Implement and conserve Campus Energy Awareness & Programs
  • Development and progress with school planning projects, design and construction
  • Provide student transportation
  • Establish and maintain nutritional meals for all students
  • Provide community use of school facilities

Executive Director of Operations

Dr. Milton (Rob) Fields, III
Deputy Superintendent of
Administration and Operations