Judson ISD

JSTEM Academy

The academy is located on the campus of Judson Middle School with 359 6th — 8th grade students. The emphasis of the academy is to provide educational experiences in all content areas through Project Based Learning and Maker Space Education. The students participate in a wide variety of STEM related extra-curricular activities to include robotics. JSTEM fosters a passionate and diverse community of learners who will collaborate to create a culture of innovation, ingenuity and perseverance through a rigorous project base learning environment. We believe STEM will prepare students for life in an increasingly competitive and technological society by offering a unique opportunity for hands on learning so that our students are prepared to meet the challenges in our global economy. We believe all students can excel when provided a rigorous, highly technical and enhanced curriculum that will result in inspiring creativity, critical and analytical thinking. We believe partnerships are valuable to student success across disciplines and education which include local business, industry and postsecondary partners that will assist in the preparation of students for postsecondary and workface careers.