Judson ISD

ECHS Blueprint

Benchmark 6: School Design

The Early College High School must provide a full-day program (i.e., full day as defined in PEIMS) at an autonomous high school (i.e., a high school with ECHS leader assigned to ECHS responsibilities who has scheduling, hiring, and budget authority), an IHE liaison with decision-making authority, and a highly qualified staff with support and training.

Design Elements
All ECHSs must implement and meet the following requirements:
  1. The ECHS location shall be:
    1. On a college or university campus, or
    2. In a high school—as a standalone high school campus or in a smaller learning community within a larger high school.

  2. ECHS staff shall include:
    1. An ECHS leader who has scheduling, hiring, and budget autonomy
    2. An IHE liaison with decision-making authority and interacts directly and frequently (in-person or virtually) with ECHS the leader and the dual credit provider
    3. Highly qualified ECHS teachers who work directly with the ECHS students, which may include adjunct high school faculty capable of teaching college-level courses
    4. Counseling staff who support the ECHS students, including activities such as: coordinating with the IHE for registration and monitor of students’ high school and college transcripts, monitoring high school and college courses to ensure both requirement are met.

  3. Sustainability structures shall be identified and implemented to address and minimize the challenges of staff turnover and potential fluctuations in funding.

  4. The ECHS students shall be cohorted for core classes to the extent possible; this does not exclude non-ECHS students from enrolling in the same class.
    1. A mentoring and induction program for newly hired staff, providing them with the instructional and interpersonal skills and capacities needed for success in an ECHS.
    2. Provide opportunities for ECHS teachers and higher-education faculty to receive extensive training and support through regularly scheduled formative peer observations and collaboration opportunities with IHE faculty.

  5. ECHS campuses not located on a college or university campus shall provide students with frequent use of IHE academic and support facilities, such as libraries, labs, advising center, career center, cultural facilities, and sports facilities.

Required Activities and Products
  • All products shall be published on the ECHS’s website and be made available to TEA upon request.
  • All products shall be maintained in accordance with the local records retention policy.
  • Mentor/induction program plans
  • Annual training or professional development plan with ECHS and IHE faculty
  • ECHS leader/liaison meeting agendas and notes