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6351 Lakeview Drive
San Antonio, TX 78244

(210)662-2240 Main
(210)945-6961 Fax
(210)662-2244 Library
(210)662-2243 Counselor
(210)662-2245 Nurse

Principal: Tricia Davila
Mascot: Tigers
Level: Elementary (Pre K - 5)
Accountability Rating: Academically Acceptable
Community and Student Engagement Rating: 01
Feeds to: Kirby Middle School


  • TAG (Talented and Gifted)
  • ESL (English as Second Language)


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6351 Lakeview Drive
San Antonio, TX 78244

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Total: 623  
African American: 167 27%
Asian: 15 2%
Hispanic: 350 56%
Native American: 1 0%
White: 65 10%
Other: 22 4%

Accountability Reports for Paschall Elementary

The following reports are provided by the Texas Education Agency.

Texas Academic Performance Report

2016-17 Campus Academic Performance Report for PE (PDF)

Accountability Ratings

2016 Accountability Summary for PE (PDF)

School Report Card

2017-18 School Report Card for PE (PDF)

Federal School Report Card

2017-18 Federal School Report Card for PE

Highly Qualified Teacher Report

2015-2016 Highly Qualified Teacher Report for PE (PDF)

Community and Student Engagement Rating

Overall Rating: 01
In Compliance? 1

  • Fine Arts: 02
  • Wellness & Physical Education: 01
  • Community & Parental Involvement: 02
  • 21st Century Workforce Development: 02
  • 2nd Language Acquisition: 01
  • Digital Learning Environment: 01
  • Gifted & Talented Programs: 01

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