JISD - Civic Nomination Form

JISD Hall of Honor
Civic Nomination Form

This designation will be open to JISD graduates and non-JISD graduates (employee or volunteer) who have contributed to the positive image of Judson ISD in non-athletic accomplishments. Significant impact for non-JISD graduates will be identified by one or more of the following contributions over a period of at least 10 years.

Nominees will be evaluated on their involvement in their respective communities; extraordinary career status/success; contributions to the Judson community, region, state, nation, and/or world; and when relevant a combination of these attributes.

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A minimum of 7 years must elapse following JISD graduation for an individual to be enshrined in the Civic Hall or for non-JISD graduates they must have made one or more of the following contributions in the last 10 years.
* What has the nominee's leadership been in the JISD community?
* What has the nominee's responsibility been in the JISD community?
* What has been the nominee's responsibility/integrity been towards family?
* What has been the nominee's post-high school education/training?
* What are the nominee's major career achievements and/or contributions?
What was the name of the nominee's favorite high school teacher and what influence did the teacher
have on them? (If Applicable)